Secrets of Successful English Learners

#1 Successful English learners make a habit of studying English. They do regular and consistent actions.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Jim Ryun

Everyone does not have extra time.
Successful learners make time to study.
And you should make time for what important to you.

#2 Successful English learners put their English into practice!

Understanding activities (too much)Producing activities (too small)

Every time when you read something you should write something. You may write your article or your reaction, your opinion about what you have just read.

#3 Successful English learners don’t let fear stop them

Fear is normal. Keep going. Don’t want to be perfect!

#4 Successful English learners study English in different ways

Some people use only one way to learn: textbooks, movies, etc.
You should use different ways and different content: Books, Music, Movies, Podcasts, TV shows, Chat, Conversation exchange, Theater, Apps/Games, Courses, Magazines, Thinking in English.

#5 Successful English learners challenge themselves

Some people stick to easy content and don’t move forward. Don’t just stay in your comfort zone. Try something that hard for you a little bit. Read and listen a content that you can understand for 95% then move to more difficult things.

Act like children, try impossible things!

Try to speak with other people on the phone in English!

#6 Successful English learners enjoy the process

«I am making progress and getting better every day!»